Polishing Prices

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ITF calculates the price of polishing by squared metre rate. (m2) 
In calculating price, factors such as the type of finish required, whether panels are flat or profiled, or if they are assembled into a built unit, and what type of substrate is to be polished are taken into account. All of these factors affect the type and quantity of materials that we use, as well as the labour involved. 

We have endeavoured to keep our pricing structure as simple and as transparent as possible, so our clients can estimate what their polishing cost will be. On very large jobs, or when unusual finishes are required, we can negotiate a m2 rate. 

Finish Price 
This is the base price that we calculate from. This is the polishing price of flat board,19mm or less, that is prepared ready for polishing, and doesn't include transport, wrapping, or anything else. 
Minimum size per piece charged is .03m2 ie 100mm x 300mm. Items smaller than this are still charged at this size. 
Price is calculated on each side of the panel that is polished. 

These are percentages that are added to the finish price if panels are anything other than 19mm or less veneered or melamine, flat panels. 
i.e. Applied mouldings =50% and clear lacquer =$42.00 
Applied mouldings + clear lacquer = $42.00 + 50% = $63.60 
If more than one substrate code needs to be applied, percentages are added together before final calculation of finish price. 
i.e. Applied mouldings =50% and thicker board =20% 
Applied mouldings + thicker board + clear lacquer = $42.00 +70% = $71.40 

Used to apply transport charges, if any. 
Charge is calculated from area of board, rather than area of board polished. Minimum transport charge is $45. If calculated transport price is less than this, the difference is added to the invoice value. 
Site deliveries by arrangement, and at hourly charge. 

Used to apply charge to panels that are sealed on the back. It is calculated from the total area of both sides of the panel less area already charged as finished. 
A sanding charge of $85/m2 is applied to heavily routered doors (Tesrol style kitchen doors or similar)

Non-Standard paint material 
If ITF is required to source materials we do not usually use, an extra charge of $100 will apply.

Other Charges


  • Preparation charged at $50/hour
  • Trades work not covered by m2 rate charged at $50/hour
  • Set up charge of 1m2 applied to orders of less than 5 m2
  • Delivery waiting time, or site deliveries charged at $50/hour
  • Site work charged at $80/hour
  • All prices plus GST